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October 17, 2011


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Thanks Ryan.

Hi Justin,

Here you go!
My version has trimoline, keeps is more moist for longer.
Make sure you use the best olive oil possible for best results.

90 g eggs
70 g egg whites
60 g sugar
40 g trimoline
35 g cake flour
40 g bread flour
80 g olive oil
1 pinch salt
0.25 ea lemon zest

blend all ingredients together
fill isi whip and charge 3X
microwave high power for 50 seconds

H Ryan,

If I am not asking to much, would it be problem to share recipe for the olive oil sponge?

Wow! Looks more like an alien spaceship than anything I associate with Germany, but I appreciate the Germanness of the ingredients list. Very striking. I wish I could taste it!

Very cool and appetising! Unlike the music on the bierfest link :) The new cakes photos look great too!

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